Sustainability and Responsibility, MCT Italy among the actors of the Glocal Economic Forum ESG89 in Norcia

The Forum fifth edition, focused on Italian SMEs and main topic of sustainable business, we brought the value of our experience based on governance not only to strategic planning and the implementation of green technologies, but also to the development of human capital and the territory as key factors for any future growth.

At the Global Economic Forum, organized by ESG89 from May 2nd to 4th in Norcia, MCT Italy participated with its CEO Andrea Marcantonini, reporting an absolutely positive outcome from the meetings, discussions, and insights developed over the three days, thanks to the presence of large number of protagonists from the entrepreneurial world of Umbria and Italy, as well as from the information and institutional sectors.

«A wonderful opportunity for sharing and exchanging experiences,» highlights Andrea Marcantonini, «with many ideas useful to contextualize the challenges and opportunities of doing business in the current historical contingency.»

Talking about sustainability, economic development and discussing possible strategies & solutions, for MCT Italy, means walking towards the direction of our vision and how it is implemented daily in our corporate mission.

«In Norcia, we had the opportunity to present one of the case histories of what sustainability means to us, which ties technical and environmental aspects to responsibility while giving back to the territory. The reconstruction of Castelluccio di Norcia, set to begin in the coming months, will benefit from a project that MCT Italy, thanks to a brilliant idea of my father Lamberto, has conceived and will execute exclusively for twon rebuild. It involves a concrete production plant to be built on-site, using excavated rocks and avoiding thousands of trucks and tanker transiting in Castelluccio plain, one of Umbria’s most breathtaking landscapes.»

This is just an example of the attention in doing business that characterizes our company, this is the sustainability experience we shared by participating in the Forum. A sustainability capable of addressing the needs of the territory and directing its development in harmony with nature and communities.

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julio 4, 2024

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