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RCPA aspires to be the supplier of choice and market leader in stormwater pipe & associated precast products.

In the 2009 Reinforced Concrete Pipes Australia Pty Ltd (RCPA) was formed as a result of the merger between Reinforced Concrete Pipes (RCP) and Australasian Pipeline & PreCast (APP). This merger resulted in the only national supplier of wall steel reinforced concrete pipe that is vertically cast and solely Australian owned and operated. RCPA has plants located in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane & Perth as well as partnering with local leading civil precasters in Adelaide, Canberra, Tasmania and Darwin.


RCPA has the capacity to design, manufacture and supply customized:
» Pipes
» Stormwater Systems
» Culverts
» Precast
» Columns

Compliance goes hand-inhand with all of our processes. RCPA maintains an ISO9001certified QMS and runs a strong EH&S program focused on the health and safety of our people. The design and manufacture of products is required to meet local, state and national regulations, standards and specifications.

High Technology Machinery

During COVID in 2021 RCPA decided to invest a new turn-key batch plant, specially dedicated to the production of concrete pipes with very tight quality controls, highly controlled environments under rigid production standards and testing specifications. Along the years major investments in high technology machinery by RCPA has created a significant alternative supplier to those producers using traditional spun pipe and precast production in Australia. The constant drive for innovative products and processes, RCPA not only incorporates many production efficiencies of the “dry cast method” but also minimizes environmental impact and the usage of power in its factories throughout Australia. A faster, more flexible and efficient manufacturing process allows RCPA to offer shorter lead times and a very responsive customer service.

Concrete and Yatala Upgrade

RCPA produces concrete in fully automated batch plant that incorporates world-class moisture sensing and correction technology. This method ensures consistent concrete of the highest standard and a product which is extremely durable. The concrete mix is specially designed for the process and uses a very low water to cement ratio, also known as zero slump concrete, which permits instant de-moulding.

Test results indicate typical compressive strengths in excess of 50MPa. General purpose cement is typically used, however specialty cements can be used for specific applications if required.

The batch plant upgrade of the Yatala factory is the outcome of a successful engineering project between RCPA and MCT technical Departments where:

» new equipment has been integrated with existing parts;
» very restricted available footprint has been perfectly uses;
» challenge win during erection with limited space available.

The engineering allows to reuse the existing of 30 m3 drive over receiving hopper where the trucks discharge their materials and these are then taken via a new feeding belt to the aggregate storage hoppers. A special diverter installed at the end of the belt can feed the existing 30 years old batch plant and the new aggregates bins supplied by MCT.

The materials are then distributed into the correct compartment through a reversible shuttle belt, and all of these functions are controlled by the MCT Aggregate Feeding system, which runs independently from the main control system.
No. 4 Aggregate hoppers with a capacity of 40m3 each, 160m3 in total, receive the materials that are monitored via laser probes to ensure the precise volumes are both checked for materials used and materials being properly discharged when filled from the aggregate feeding system.

When a mix is called, the materials are collected by MCT’s Aggregate weigh batcher and discharged into the skip hoist. The aggregates dosing high precision is guaranteed by extracting belts instead of gates: through conveyors the constant flow of the material is always regular and the accuracy is extremely high.
The ‘skip hoist’ then takes the materials to the 3000/2000 planetary mixer, which provides the factory with the concrete through no. 2 inclined belts; a third gate in the mixer allows an easy discharge of washing water and rejected batch. Upon the mixer platform are the normal components such as Cement Weighing, Water distribution Admix & dust extraction. Cement is fed from No. 3 of 80TON each to the mixer.

The mixer is washed via MCT’s own deigned washing heads and all the washed water and materials are gathered below the plant where they are separated and this water is recycled back into the plant, the waste material can also be recycled.

Why chose RCPA Pipe?

Neil Kingan, Group Manager – Capital Projects and Assets affirms:

“Technology is core to our business which enables us to deliver an experience you won’t get anywhere else. RCPA pioneered the vertical dry-cast SRC pipe process in Australia and today we are the only supplier offering this product range throughout the country”.

Jesse Jackson, Capital Projects and Assets Engineer continues:

“Our precast product technology and range is ever growing and offering our clients a diverse range of options for culverts, pits, headwalls and associated products”.

Flagship Project for MCT in Australia

Mr. Gabriele Falchetti, VP Business Development for MCT Italy, pointed out:

“RCPA’s highly specified concrete is being supplied to meet the project‘s stringent requirements via a purpose- built precast batch plant at Yatala. MCT Italy is honored to have been selected to build a lasting legacy that will support. Queensland development, creating economic opportunities and greatly improving the daily lives of many people”.
“Our flexible designs of batching plants and concrete distribution systems ensures the optimal solution for every process with the best utilization of space and the great performances with regard to safety and concrete delivery to the precast machines. Our long-term experience with almost all the precast machinery suppliers facilitates the project development through our technical departments for the best design of the whole precast factory. We will infuse and adopt new technology and integrated traceability system into this old industry, in order to make it relevant for the future”
, he concluded.

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