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Un sector de alto nivel tecnológico como el nuestro está en constante evolución. Con nuestras noticias queremos mantenerlo actualizado con respecto a todas las novedades, desde los trabajos que hemos terminado hasta las nuevas e interesantes asociaciones que hemos firmado.

26 04 2024

When Lamberto Marcantonini began his entrepreneurial journey in 1967, he already possessed the demeanor of someone with a vision who could look ahead and anticipate the future. Lamberto is a leader in the innovation, design and creation of large concrete batching plants and MCT (Marcantonini Concrete Technologies) is a testament to

13 03 2023

The investment made for the spray booth was made with the PIANO DI SVILUPPO E COESIONE FSC EX ART. 44 D.L. N.34/2019 Notice large 2021 project title “Production 4.0 of concrete batching plants”.

20 04 2022

El pasado mes de abril se celebró en Perugia el Glocal Economic Forum de ESG89, titulado «Orizzonte Italia». El objetivo del evento era crear un momento de intercambio para los operadores económicos, destinado a profundizar en los aspectos relacionados con el crecimiento, el conocimiento y la creación de «valor sostenible

05 04 2022

Lote 2 – Túnel Santa Lucia A1 – Ampliación del carril 3 – Tramo Barberino di Mugello – Florencia Norte El proyecto de ampliación del tercer carril Barberino di Mugello – Incisa Valdarno en el tramo de Barberino di Mugello – Florencia Norte se desarrolla entre el carril de aceleración

22 11 2019

Hollowcore slabs are prestressed and precast concrete elements, manufactured using long line steel casting beds. They are typically 1200mm wide (but can range from 600mm – 2400mm), and between 150mm – 500mm deep.Spans can be anywhere up to around 20m, and applications range from individual houses to residential apartments, office

03 10 2019

#DidYouKnow: 39% of global energy-related carbon emissions come from buildings and construction? With this huge global carbon footprint, the MCT precast batch plants play a significant part in reducing carbon emissions and help to create a green climate-resilient environment for our future.  This year the World Green Building Council is

22 08 2019

The story of Betca began in 1979, under the leadership of the late Francis Van Campenhout, with the production of concrete floor slabs. Over the years, the company has grown into a specialist in custom-made prefabricated concrete elements. Their customers are mainly large contractors in the Benelux. Thanks to their

02 11 2018

Several mega-trends are driving growth in the precast market in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. At the forefront of these improvements is El Seif Group, a leading privately owned group of companies founded on 1975 in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. During the decades El Seif has been delivering high quality

02 10 2018

The Forrestfield-Airport Link is improving public transport options to and from Perth’s eastern suburbs as well as reducing the strain on current transport infrastructure due to anticipated passenger growth. By 2021 the Forrestfield-Airport Link is expected to generate 20,000 passenger trips on the suburban rail network every day – increasing

02 08 2018

Las tuberías de hormigón y los productos prefabricados de hormigón son las principales especialidades de M Con que operan en Ontario a través de sus instalación en Carp. M Con Products Inc. se estableció en 1989 en Carp, Ontario, pero sus raíces se remontan mucho más atrás en el tiempo,

01 09 2017

Marcantonini Concrete Tecnology is pleased  to announce that on September 8th, 9th and 10th 2017 the companies Grand Event – 50th Anniversary  Celebration will be held at its headquarters in Bettona.The founder Lamberto Marcantonini and the CEO Andrea Marcantonini along with the entire MCT staff, are delighted to welcome guests from among the most valuable business partners,

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