Work and health – Living through Covid

Each historical period has its own particular characteristics, which distinguishes it from the past and the future. The particular situation we are experiencing due to the global Coronavirus pandemic will certainly be mentioned in the history books, however it will probably not specify more than a few paragraphs. But for us who face it, it will remain an unforgettable time in our lives, a dividing line between a “before” and an “after”, and our lives will inevitably never be the same.

In everyday life, like at work, Covid has forced us to change our habits, to rethink our personal and professional priorities, to question everything.

At MCT, we have tried to make this special historic moment a new opportunity for growth and improvement. We faced this test with the most important aspect we have in the business, “people”.

For this reason, we immediately enforced specific security protocols to minimize the risk of contamination and exposure for our employees by promoting ‘smart working’ where possible and making our business even safer for those who need to work together.

The same goes for outside visitors: attendance registration, contact traceability, temperature measurements are just a few examples of the measures taken so that we can track the names of those who have visited our offices every day.

But that is not enough, we have gone further for greater protection of our employees, we have activated an insurance protocol for employees, because we want them to feel protected and safe when they come to work. They have to know that we’re here, always.

Not only has homeland security changed, but we have changed the way we work. We are a company with a strong international vocation. We are used to frequently traveling around the world. These days trips and visits are bound to be cautiously reduced however that certainly hasn’t stopped us.

Having operated in countries around the world for decades we have been accustomed to managing part of our work using conference and video calls to further our business relationships. Through our remote technical maintenance service we remain operational 24 hours a day in the whole world. From this point of view, Covid did not find us ill-prepared!

Over the past year, we have continued to interact furthering the success of our business by using these technological tools. We were already accustomed to using these methods, which, only now, has the vast majority of the world learned to use.

We don’t know when things may return to normal.
We’re doing our best to navigate through this pandemic and come out of it better and stronger.

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February 8, 2021

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