Wellness and respect for the environment, an important combination for MCT

Attention to the environment, respect and promotion of the territory, a healthy lifestyle and outdoor activities; these are concepts that are of great importance to us at MCT. This is proven by the facts and the actions we carry out daily in the company and abroad.

For years, in fact, we have been engaged in the social field supporting outdoor sports activities, such as trail running, mountain biking and youth football, local realities in which we are present in person and which we are proud to sponsor.
We get lots of little big pleasures from these events, such as, for instance, the participation of the two-time winner of UCI MBT Marathon World Champion Leonardo Paez to the 2022 edition of the Bettona Etruscan Extreme. His presence has always been strongly desired by all the organizers and only Andrea’s persistence made it happen this year. Another important achievement for this peculiar event that brings prestige to our town.

In addition, within the company we are very attentive to energy saving and the use of alternative sources that protect the environment; our founder Lamberto has always pushed us to look in this direction, also with an eye on the ever-growing eco-friendly consciousness of the new generations.

This is why, 15 years ago, we installed photovoltaic panels on the entire roof of our headquarters and factories, making our facilities completely autonomous in terms of energy needs. This is why we have replaced our old bulbs with LED ones and designed a software that allows us to adjust the temperature of the rooms and turn off the lights, avoiding a lot of waste.

We are also investing in an innovative powder coating system that significantly reduces the environmental impact: in fact, this type of coating is 99% recyclable and does not contain solvents. Compared to liquid paints, it allows to zero VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds) and emissions into the atmosphere of heavy metals, such as lead or chromium.

In perfect MCT style, however, we didn’t stop there, and we also brought attention to the environment in our plants and construction sites. True, it may seem like a paradox, but in recent years, the construction sector has paid great attention to the calls for decarbonisation and environmental protection, and we have done so, too.

For this reason, we have activated important partnerships with innovative projects that allow us to create plants for the production of concrete with a lower amount of cement, without clearly affecting the performance of the finished product; in addition, we have inserted the use of special dust filters with a self-cleaning system in our plants, combined with the recovery of concrete washing water, thanks to special filtering systems that return clean water.

Finally, we have coated and buffered the tower concrete plants to reduce noise emissions and, with container plants that do not need a foundation, we are able to return the area of the temporary construction site exactly as it was originally.

The facts, we said, speak for us: respect for the environment, at any level, and bringing an ecological conscience into the daily life of our work makes us truly proud.

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September 26, 2022

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