We focus on sustainability with a long-term investment plan

On 18 and 19 June, the third edition of the Glocal Economic Forum of ESG took place in Norcia; a very special edition, which saw the international economic and political scenario change in the course of just a few weeks.

The increasing difficulties of finding raw materials and the war in Ukraine, in fact, have shed a completely new light on the traditional themes of the forum, sustainability, resilience and cultural heritage. Themes that are always very dear to us at MCT Italy, and that we often address in these web pages.

Andrea Marcantonini spoke about sustainability in his speech on the traditional publication of the event, an articulated reflection that offered several ideas for consideration.

Sustainability, in fact, is a topic that is not only topical but is also extremely important, and if as a company we have done everything in our power to help minimise our impact on the environment, it is undeniable that it is up to our Government, and the Governments of Europe, to put in place appropriate policies.

Andrea points out how Italy is still the seventh world manufacturing power and how, however, it has practised a short-sighted policy regarding raw materials.

Today, our country is dependent on other countries for the purchase of certain materials, such as Ukraine for steel and Asian countries for electronic and high-tech materials. Some of the latter, China in the lead, do not have eco-friendly production policies, and therefore pollute a great deal.

One wonders, therefore, what is the point of talking about sustainability if it cannot really be done on a global level.

Another important issue: deciding what direction we want to give to sustainability. There is a lot of talk about electric cars and zero emissions, but perhaps we should also think about how we produce the electricity needed to recharge batteries. And, perhaps, also on how we plan to dispose of the latter, once they become unusable. Akyo Toyoda himself, at the helm of Toyota, has expressed several doubts about the sustainability of electric cars, a clear sign that perhaps the road taken should at least be revised. Andrea concluded his contribution with an invitation that is almost an appeal: sustainability absolutely yes, but with an articulated and long-term plan, which allows us to live this transition and face at the same time the energy crisis in progress.

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August 2, 2022

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