The birth of Bluemag, the house organ of MCT Italy

The New Year begins with an important innovation at MCT Italy: #Bluemag has arrived, a bimonthly company that will be published and distributed to all employees and to all people close to the company (suppliers, consultants, etc.).

There are many reasons for this.

The first, and most important, is the idea of sharing. All our collaborators know our history, live the importance of the present and look to the future with us;  but it is not enough for us. We want to make them share in every success, small or big, that we have achieved and that they have helped to achieve; we want everyone to know and truly understand our Values and our Mission, that they know that their daily work has brought us to Sydney, or New Zealand and even Iceland; we want them to know where we are now and where we are going.

The other reason we decided to create this house organ is that we would like everyone to know the company beyond numbers; a reality made of people, with their stories and their personal successes; made of significant anecdotes, funny stories and strange coincidences that life has put in front of us. We want to welcome those who arrive and greet them with the affection that they  deserve, for they have traveled a piece of the road with us and now have decided to walk new roads or finally enjoy a well-deserved pension.

Finally, we liked the idea of celebrating our next milestone in a special way: in September 2022 we will extinguish 55 candles and give ourselves a business magazine seemed to us a great way to celebrate this important event. Like so many successful companies, Apple, Amazon, Google or Harley Davidson, we too were born in a garage and we too have come far. We have also remained romantic dreamers, however: we like the idea that, in a few years, in the homes of our collaborators, there is a space reserved for #Bluemag and its numbers, a collection of testimonies to be handed down from generation to generation.

After all, it is what happens in many families, and ours, so large and numerous, does not want to be an exception!

Enjoy your reading!

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January 28, 2022

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