Technological progress and sustainability: it can be done!

Among the key points, which we have founded our business on, there is one in particular that we pursue and invest our time and resources in: Environmental Sustainability.

At Marcantonini, we hold a high respect for the environment and it’s protection. Within our establishments we focus on energy savings. This is not only for the economic advantage but because we sincerely like the idea of promoting anything good for our community.

We are an extremely focused group and our goal is to carry out our projects and promote our ideas. For this reason, for 12 years now, we have installed solar panels on the entire roof of our headquarters and our factories. This allows us to produce about 60,700 kWh per year, thus making us completely autonomous to support our production needs, with a saving of carbon dioxide emissions of about 30 tons per year.

However we have not been satisfied with using this natural resource so we are going further.

We are designing a vegetable oil cogeneration plant, an innovative system in which seed oil is used as a “fuel”, which will allow us to regulate the internal temperature of all our structures, guaranteeing further energy savings and further reduction of emissions of CO2 and pollutants in general.

This is an ambitious goal, but we are used to challenging ourselves to achieve improvements. It is no coincidence that the controlling of the temperature and switching off of the lights in each room of our factories are already regulated by an industrial automation of our own design. This software automation avoids useless waste of resources, which we can then use in other ways.

We have already and will continue to tackle and implement small and big “innovative actions” that will benefit our future and the future of our children. Because “there is no Planet B”.

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October 6, 2020

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