Technological Innovation along with Continued Education and Staff Training – All make for a winning combination for positive growth of our company

How can a company like MCT Italy maintain its position as a world leader after more than 50 years of activity? There is no magic potion, commitment and dedication are needed, but also constant updating, to keep up the pace.

The scientific vocation of our founder has taught us that in order to overcome the challenges of the market, it is essential for us to invest tenaciously in technology and in training.

Our automation processes, management and control software all developed in-house allow us to create cutomized soutions for our customers and allow us to maintain a leading edge in our global market.

But it’s not enough.

Each year, we invest in the training of our staff , updating their skills acquired over the years, not only for our growth and production but also for the well-being and development of our employees.

No Doubt the machines we use require a high level of specialization and updating their performance goes hand in hand with the the knowledge and skills of those who have to use them.

It is not only technical training that interests us but also a healthy environment is a productive work environment. It is for this reason that we have combined courses such as “Supply Chain Management” and “System Alerts” along with others that support efforts such as for example the course on “emotional intelligence”.

Recently in order to deal with the current pandemic situation, we offered our employees a course dealing with the anxiety and fear caused from the Covid-19 exposure. We felt it was our duty to offer those in our situation an opportunity to benefit from our supports during this particular time.

We do not all react to stressful situations the same way. Some of us struggle harder than others which can make their lives extremely complex. So we thought that having some tools to educate us on the awarenes of the current situation could help overcome some stresses caused as a result of our fears and anxieties. We do it for ourselves and for those who are by our side, because we like to remember, in the words of a poet, that “no man is an island”.

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March 13, 2021

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