Supply Chain Management: The customer is the centre of our processes.

In recent years, we have often heard of “Supply Chain Management” and Score Model as interesting opportunities to improve business efficiency and optimize the level of customer service, applicable to any business environment.

At MCT we are very careful to select all those actions that allow us to always offer the best to those who choose us as commercial partners; for this reason we have added to our training courses for our staff, a course that is dedicated to the focus of the management of the Supply Chain.

But what exactly are we talking about?

We proceed by degrees: Supply Chain means the system of the organization, the people and the activities that define the product or the service that any company offers its customers.

The relative management is  essentially the coordination of the various phases that allow a company to create the specific productive system of an agency or a company to improve the performance and efficiency of the entire supply flow of resources storage of finished products.

Nine activities, from marketing to return logistics, passing through supply, production and delivery management and others, define the supply chain management.

Why did we include this aspect in the professional growth of our staff? Because an efficiently organized supply chain represents an economic and competitive advantage. Above all it allows us to respond faster and more punctually to the requests of our customers.

Building a network of international contacts like the one we have created at MCT is a long and complex process; maintaining customer loyalty through impeccable service is even more difficult and extremely challenging.

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May 3, 2021

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