Sport is beneficial to both health and culture: We promote our Regiony through our healthy lifestyle

In September, our beautiful  Bettona was the scene of two important sports  events which we have been proud sponsors of since the first time.

The Bettona Crossing, takes place on a trail  that winds through olive trees and woods immersed in the silence of nature. The Bettona Etruscan MTB is a competition dedicated to lovers of mountain biking along the trails within one of the most “beautiful villages in Italy”.

One of the founders who made these two events possible is Andrea Marcantonini, a passionate lover of sports and a big promoter of our Region. Among the various initiatives related to sports, Andrea is also the co-founder of the cycling team Bettona MTB, with which  he  organizes these two events.

The basic idea that created these races is the desire to rediscover through health and sport, the places and the beauties of our region.  We use this  way to promote the riches of our Region and promote a lifestyle that the whole world envies.

Our villages are changing and evolving to become more modern however they never lose their original beauty and characteristics. The Bettona Crossing and the Etruscan MTB have become two opportunities to combine athletic action with mental and spiritual well-being that Umbria  offers.

In addition this year, Bettona showcased itself by offering itself to host 4 competitions: the 50 and 20 kilometers race, and the 50 and 25 kilometers mountain biking events.

A side program was offered including: trekking, holistic disciplines, food and wine and attractions for the very young. All-round these events involved  families and spread our culture of well-being through all the events offered.

The 2020 edition was also a good test for the organization to manage the competing athletes as well as praticingg soical distancing  and safety protocols for Covid protections while allowing these competitions and guests to enjoy and partake in them.

Despite these obstacles over 1,000 athletes, comprised of professionals and about 80% from others Regions signed up for the competitions this year.  Over 2,000 visitors / companions strolled through the streets of Bettona, affirming the great success of this event. This demonstrating that wanting is really true power. When you have such ambitious goals every problem turns into opportunity.

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November 5, 2020

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