Recycling System

Customized systems for washout water and returning concrete treatment in precast and readymix batch plants

MCT reclaiming systems are fully integrated with the batching plant and Distribution system and their automatic washing systems.
Our customized solutions in the reclaiming of materials are meant to reduce the wastes and minimize the production costs.

Precast solutions

MCT reclaiming systems for precast are composed by solid separator screws collecting wash-out water from mixers, flying buckets and casting machines. The solids separated by the screw can be re-entered in the production loop, while several devices, according to the required quality and customer site features and requests, can treat the water downstream.
These systems can also treat colored water and adjust the pH of the water at the system outlet, to avoid any waste of the wash-out water.

Ready-mix solutions

MCT reclaiming systems for ready-mix are specially designed considering the amounts of returning concrete, wash-out water and site specifications. Several treatment methods are available in order to optimize the system to the particular concrete production facility, fully integrated with the batching plant.
Concrete separating screws with downstream treatments for fines, settling ponds management, chemical products management, and hardened concrete treatment are all solutions available fit every customer’s need.

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