Hollow core slabs production 

Special Elements
United States
Output capacity Planetary Mixer
0 m3
Flying Bucket maximum speed
0 m/minute
Beds semi-gantry Casting Machine for Extruders Feeding

MCT takes precast to new heights in Florida.

Our customer is a privately held company with seventeen precast / prestressed manufacturing facilities located throughout North America producing a broad range of high quality structural – architectural concrete products and systems for use in virtually all types of construction projects. The new indoor facility features a state of the art concrete batching system, automated concrete delivery equipment, dry cast technology, accelerated curing and specialized product handling equipment geared towards higher volume, responsive turn-around and high quality. Hollow core slabs are prefabricated concrete building components that are used as floor and roof units for all types of commercial buildings. They are routinely used for construction of apartments, condominiums, hotels, motels, assisted living housing, medical clinics and schools. Manufacturing superior 4, 6, 8 and 10 inch prestressed hollow core slabs is the specialty of the new facility equipped with MCT tower batching plant & concrete distribution system. The fully cladded tower batching plant composed of 700 ton aggregates, divided in 6 compartment, can guarantee the production of high quality dry concrete with a planetary mixer 4.0 yd³ capacity. The batching plant can delivery concrete thanks to incredibly fast automatic distribution system where the flying bucket can transport concrete in a fully automatic way to the concrete distributor. The MCT latest generation semi gantry distributor can feed power and concrete up to no. 3 extruder machines running simultaneously on different beds. The state of art Wi-Fi control system synchronises the Batching Plant with the Flying Bucket and the Gantry Casting Machine with the Extruders; it allows to the batch operator to oversee the real-time position and status of every equipment.

Batch Plant Tower Type

Concrete Distribution System

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