Plant for architectural concrete elements

United States

High technology structural and architectural precast greenfield and turnkey project, developed in full partnership with the customer, with design and manufacturing of the batch plant, concrete distribution system and automation software.

Aggregate Bins 600 m3 total storage capacity
Cement Silos 600 m3 total storage capacity
Capacity Flying Buckets and Casting Machines
0 m3

Architectural concrete module composed of horizontal aggregates storage with no.14 compartments and no.2 removable hoppers for special aggregates, with independent loading system, aggregates mobile scale for accurate dosing and prevention of contamination, planetary mixer type MAV, 3.3 yd3 output with concrete holding hopper.

Complete integrated cladding package for architectural and structural batch plant modules.

Fully automatic concrete distribution system onto the 3 production halls by 2 rails line with 3 flying buckets type AV, 5 yd3 capacity.

Smart casting machines type BR, 5yd3 capacity, installed on customer’s overhead cranes, detachable type for the use of the machine only when pouring concrete and to be able to use the same overhead crane for lifting purposes when not pouring concrete. Automatically fed by flying buckets and very flexible with 180° rotation of the bucket and hydraulic discharge gate.

Structural concrete module composed of vertical aggregates storage with no.8 compartments, with independent loading system, aggregates mobile scale in the tower plant for the dosing of aggregates in both structural and architectural mixers, twin shaft mixer 4.5 yd3 output with concrete holding hopper.

Structural Batching Tower

Concrete Distribution System

Architectural In-Line Storage

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