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South Korea precast market relies on outstanding technology for the most efficient and flexible batch plant & casting systems

The growth of the construction market and the desire to make improvements to building quality are pushing South Korean companies to use new technologies and in particular with regards to precast elements. One of these companies is Jisan Engineering Co. Ltd who has just launched a new precast plant plant capable of producing high quality concrete elements for industrial building.

MCT Italy has engineered for Jisan a fully tailor-made batch plant and concrete distribution system with high automation level to be installed into a new 4 halls building in Jisan’s new precast factory.

The new fully-automated factory engineered by MCT Italy, a world-leading manufacturer of precast concrete plants and concrete distribution, offers high production capacity, top-rate precast product quality and reduced operating costs through state-of-the-art automation technologies, optimized production plan, carefully-designed production process and individually tailored solutions.

The idea is to optimize the whole precast production from building design all the way to the construction site. The line features advanced software, modern concrete distribution system and state-of-the-art batch plant, can fully control the planning and monitoring the production process.

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