Batching plant whit high automated system for block and paver

Blocks & Pavers
South Korea

DecoPave Co. Ltd. Is a South Korean concrete elements producer, specialized in developing, manufacturing and selling a large variety of concrete blocks and pavers.

In the era of the 4th Industrial Revolution deeply affected by the Corona 19 Crisis, DecoPave Co., Ltd. invested in a fully new automated factory, located in Danyang. The smart factory is one of the largest in East Asia with a 100% automated system for the entire process: from aggregates and raw materials loading and dosing, going through concrete production and packaging of finished products.

The ambitious Eng. Park, CEO of company DecoPave Co. Ltd. deliberately opted for the know-how from MCT Italy and focused on quality when selecting the batch plant and main components. In particular the batch plant is equipped with many innovative features that are essential for the production of concrete products with a high-quality and colored facing concrete layer.

Total aggregates storage
0 m3
Aggregates bins
Cement storage
0 ton
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