Installation of a new tower concrete plant


Termat offers an extremely wide range of products in the field of expanded clay building materials and precast Teriva and Filigree ceilings.

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The company was founded in 1989 and since then it has been constantly developing, expanding the offer and adapting it to the most rigorous requirements of final customers.
The favourable economic conditions push Termat’s decision to invest and upgrade its concrete production plant. The purchase of the new precast factory is proof that businesses believe investments will result in a better, more lucrative future.
This new facility allows Termat to maintain and increase their presence in the marketplace, becoming one of the most important suppliers of precast elements in Lower Silesia.

The principles of quality concrete production and efficient manufacturing processes form Termat’s business philosophy, that led them to Ciepiela Technology Promotion, Polish representative of MCT Italy-, the Italian precast solutions manufacturers. Sharing the same visions as the client, MCT Italy customized a complete plant solution for the new factory, located 30minutes from Wrocław.
The MCT Italy team worked closely with Termat in order to design the entire plant, following the initial idea of the client in terms of the concrete distribution layout, despite it being installed in the near future. MCT’s technical department successfully developed a customized solution according to the client’s request, in order to comply with its expectations in terms of very reduced footprint, precision in concrete distribution and high quality of the concrete produced. The plant also fulfils local government restrictions and this has been the main challenge: despite the limit in the maximum height, the set up engineered by MCT Italy guarantees a large aggregate storage capacity.

“We went through a lot of hand sketches and then CAD drawings until we got everything laid out to what we felt was the perfect layout from an efficient and flexibility standpoint” says Marek Lubicki, the owner of Termat. “We invested in this new plant looking for a reliable partner and we are sure that our choice will create a long-lasting cooperation between our two companies, making MCT Italy our partner and not just a standard equipment supplier”.

Falchetti Gabriele, Project Manager for Poland says: “We are very proud of the relationship established with Termat: we had the opportunity to share our thoughts and solutions with a highly regarded partner, utilizing to the best way our main keyword “customization” for MCT Italy.

Mr. Andrzej Ciepiela, local distributor for MCT Italy in Poland adds: “Thanks to our extensive experience as a solution and full range precast equipment supplier for the Polish market, we are able to carry out these types of projects in complete partnership and cooperation with our clients. I sincerely want to thank the whole Termat team for the trust and confidence placed in MCT and all the MCT team, who worked hard to realize the great result and achieve all the deadlines agreed on with the customer”.

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