Concrete for structural elements and architectural panels

0 m3
16 Aggregates Bins Total Storage capacity
0 Mixers
2 Twin Shaft + 2 Planetary Mixer
0 m
Flying Bucket Rails

The Precast factory has been designed in a true partnership with the customer: the final layout and the concrete distribution system is totally engineered on customer’s needs.

Aggregates are stored into 16 different compartments in a tower plant for a total capacity of 600m3. The main feature of the plant is flexibility: all the 16 different aggregates can be batched into every mixer, concrete produced by each of the 4 mixer can be delivered to all the 4 flying buckets and transported to all the five production halls.

The 4 mixer, divided into two planetary MAV 22501500 for architectural colored concrete and two twin shaft MAO 30002000 for grey structural concrete, are served by two aggregates mobile scales and can deliver the concrete to 3 different lines for concrete distribution. No. 2 concrete mobile hoppers can collect concrete from all mixer and discharge into no. 4 flying buckets which automatically serve no. 5 automatic casting machines for concrete pouring. The casting machine for automatic concrete pouring are attached to the overhead crane only during casting phase, elsewhere the crane can be used for all other operations: stripping, reinforcement placement…

Through the MCT easy way battery trolleys the precast elements can be easily and safety transported to the stockyard for final delivery to the job site.
CompuNet® automation & software control system assured the perfect managing of the whole factory thanks to the use of an industrial Wi-Fi network: real time status check for every machine and process.

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