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The plant is composed of large aggregate storage in order to guarantee optimum production capacity and to avoid any kind of contamination among the different colored aggregates.

The batching plant, carefully engineered with Sela Concrete Products owners in every step, has an aggregates storage of huge capacity:

  • 400 cubic meters total aggregates storage for 8 compartments:
  • 4 mobile hoppers, easy to manage thanks to plug & play fork-flit detachable system, give the customer the possibility to use special aggregates / coming in paper bags or big bags.

No. 1 aggregates scales is able to feed, in an extreme fast way the two mixers:

  • No. 1 Planetary Mixer for base mix (grey concrete) 3000/2000 with compacted concrete of 2 m3;
  • No. 1 Planetary Mixer for face mix (colored concrete) 500/330 with compacted concrete of 0,33 m3;

The level of investment is fully justified by the high quality performances that the mixer guarantees in terms of repetitiveness of homogeneous color concrete for the face mix. This will definitely further strengthen Sela Concrete Products already excellent reputation in the Israeli market with new lines of products.

No. 2 feeding belts are installed on the bottom of the mixer in order to deliver in real time the right quantity of concrete inside face and base mix hopper for grey and colored concrete.

The color concrete feeding belt runs on a rotating device that allows the discharge into no. 3 different collecting hoppers for the face mix: high dosing accuracy and precision is strictly required in order to achieve the right amount of material on the top of the press.

The final integration of the batching plant automation along with the block machine supplier, guarantees a continuous production with only one production supervisor. This also shows once again the high level of customization of MCT Italy concrete plant solutions and the skills of the engineering technical team which has worked in a perfect synergy with all the other partners involved in this ambitious project.

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