Retrofit of tower concrete plant for pipes

6 Aggregates Bins Total Storage capacity
0 yd3
Capacity of 3 Planetary Mixers
0 yd3
Moisture & Plasticity Control
0 %

High technology retrofit project consisting of the replacement of a tower dosing plant in the heart of the production building with significant design requirements due to the configuration of the factory and the layout restrictions.

Recover of existing lower structure and mixing section, with new interface for higher section of dosing tower, including dosing sections for aggregates, cement and water, aggregates loading and storage.

Smart aggregates dosing system with 2 scales feeding 3 mixers, fully integrated in the areas between the existing building and the new tower plant.
New concrete distribution systems by conveyors into 6 production beds for pipes and concrete elements.
New complete cladding for tower plant, fully integrated with existing production building, enclosing also stair tower and aggregates bucket elevator.

Complete automatic control system with central server and 6 satellite stations for the production beds, integrating existing and new equipment in the same automation structure.

Batching Tower

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