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MCT Italy supplied the most advanced production facility for dry powdery goods in Australia

Westbuild is an independent, family-owned company based in Perth and a proud supplier of packaged building products to Western Australia for over 35 years.

Westbuild boasts the widest range of easy-to-use dry-mix products, as well as building, landscaping and DIY products:

  • Dry-Mix Concretes and Building Mortars
  • Tile Adhesives, Flexible and Architectural Grouts
  • Floor Levelling and Screeding Products
  • Repair Mortars and Compounds
  • Waterproofing
  • Primers, Modifiers and Extensions

Perth based construction material supplier Westbuild is one example of an Australian company that has benefited from MCT Italy’s technology. The company purchased a fully customized dry batch plant and form fill and seal machinery which allowed them to replace traditional paper cement bags with rainproof plastic ones.

The total number of components which can be stored, dosed and mixing is absolutely impressive:

  • No. 6 Additive Hoppers with automatic bag openers (Example of components: Hydrated Lime, Carbonate, Rubber Crumb, Redispersible Powder)
  • No. 5 Silos (Sands, Middle Slag, Creme HE, Ultra Light Creme)
  • No. 4 Micro Dosing Systems for Coloured Powders
  • No. 3 Hoppers for Manual addition

The tower plant also includes a high speed mixer 1080 / 750 with double discharge gate for feeding of no. 2 bagging line: it can guarantee a hourly production of 15 ton/hour.

Westbuild’s production plant is a newly commissioned, modern facility with a high level of industrial intelligence and a high capacity to cater for private label and branded contract packaging partners.

The system can dose, batch and mix up to 800 bags (from 5kg, up to 30kg bags) per hour and includes a single screw weigher and palletizer. It is also equipped with devices that compact the product into square shaped sacs to optimize the palletization.

Mr Parlapiano adds that the flexibility to allow different mix designs to be handled with all settings changed automatically has saved a significant amount of time on short job runs as well.

“The teleservice gives us the reassurance that MCT Italy’s technicians in Italy can resolve any small problems quickly. The line was delivered on time and it was installed and commissioned without any problems. We expected a lot from MCT Italy and we haven’t been disappointed.”

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