“No man is an island” – J. Donne

Today we borrow the words of a famous English poet to tell a part of our company.

The image evoked in this metaphor has always impressed us: an island in the middle of the sea is, by nature, destined to remain disconnected from the rest of the world.

But we are not islands, on the contrary: man gives his best in the community and in these 55 years in MCT Italy we have experienced it on our skin.

The real strength of a company, of all companies, are the people who work within it and for people to work well it is necessary to create the right conditions so that no one ever feels like an island.

For this reason, we do everything to create a strong link with each individual member of our company; for this reason, we aim to enhance the peculiarities and characteristics of each one and we want to offer a constant and always avant-garde training; always for this reason, we want to create the conditions for every worker to feel satisfied and realized, but also protected in his ideas and his passions.

In the life of each of us there is much more than just the professional figure; that’s why, we want more and more to invest in corporate welfare, aware that the importance of the well-being of our employees should not be limited within the workplace, but it has to find room in their private lives, too.

From this basic idea, very important, arose for example our participation in projects related to the conservation and cultural promotion of our Region and we actively support a series of initiatives that combine an active and healthy lifestyle with the tourist promotion of our territory. Over the years we have also been present with plans to support the activities of the school of Bettona and the football team of the country, important elements of aggregation for young people.

In addition, over the years we have made our know-how available to the new generations, actively taking part in training projects aimed at the formation of new professionals. Andrea is in fact an active member of the ITS Umbria Design Team, a technical Academy that, thanks to courses with application teaching, helps to reduce the distance between demand and supply of work. Moreover, some of our technicians take care directly of the structure of courses and teaching within this prestigious training center.

We are very proud of our commitment to our people, inside and outside the company; and it makes us happy to know that every single member of the big family that is MCT Italy is equally proud of our participation in projects related to the welfare of the territory in the broadest sense.

Because together you do better and because, really, no man is an island. 

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December 21, 2021

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