New batching plant for the production of prestressed concrete elements in Vietnam

With continuous growth over the last 15 years, Minh Duc Concrete and Construction Co., Ltd – a member of the Son Truong Corporation – have gradually succeeded in taking over a substantial portion of the Vietnamese market to become one of the leaders in the of production, supply, and installation of prestressed concrete elements in Vietnam. The company owners, who have always been open to the incorporation of new technologies from overseas, pay special attention to fully automated systems and equipment to solidify their prestigious position in the country’s market and to aim at becoming the number one choice for both domestic and foreign investors.

The company’s main products are foundation piles manufactured on the basis of the centrifugal casting process. In early 2017, however, Minh Duc and its sister company “Solid for life” decided to expand their activities by building factories to produce new products such as sewer pipes, round culverts, box culverts, and prestressed hollowcore slabs using the extrusion technology.

With a team of highly experienced, motivated, creative, and skilled staff running state-of-the-art systems and equipment, Minh Duc s succeeding in providing concrete products for a number of large projects to locations all over Vietnam, always meeting the most demanding requirements in terms of quality.

Nowadays, Minh Duc is active in many fields of construction, offering their customers a vast range of products and services:

  • Ready-mixed concrete
  • Iron, steel and construction materials
  • Inland transport
  • Civil & industrial building construction
  • Purchase & sale of industrial development areas

New state-of-the-art batching plant

Minh Duc has recently set up a brand new facility for the production of prestressed hollowcore slabs and partition walls. The new production unit has been set up in Hanoi City, a strategic location for the supply of floor slabs and partition walls to serve the entire region.

After careful and long lasting search for a partner, Minh Duc selected MCT Italy to become their batching plant supplier. The fully customized mixing solution offered by MCT, together with a flexible plant layout aimed at feeding concrete to several machines simultaneously, was the ultimate reason for choosing this convincing technology.

Aggregate storage is carried out with four bins of 20 cubic meters capacity each, while the 2250\1500 planetary mixer equipped with double discharge gate is easily capable of delivering concrete to a Nordimpianti extruder system and a carousel line for lightweight partition wall production.

The new plant consisting of six 150 meter production beds has been designed in such a fashion that it ensures an annual production capacity rate of 300,000 square meters prestressed hollowcore slabs for floors and non-load-bearing partition walls. The Nordimpianti Evo extruder, delivered and installed with two moulds, is capable of producing elements with heights amounting to of 150, 200, 250 and 300 mm.

Strengthening presence in Southeast Asia

Mr. Falchetti Gabriele, MCT Italy’s general manager for the Asian market, affirms: “I’m glad to say that MCT Italy, known all over the world for its smart and flexible solutions in mixing technologies and concrete delivery systems, is highly successful in increasing its reputation in the Vietnamese and Southeast Asian market. The impressive quality of the plant granted by a completely hot-galvanized steel structure matches with an intensive moisture and plasticity control that is mandatory for Minh Duc dry concrete products. Full integration into the Compunet software developed in-house has been accomplished to make the plant state-of-the-art equipment.”

Mr. Falchetti continues: “Our customized solutions for precast production are considered an irresistible innovation in the entire market. The special relationship we have with Minh Duc allows for business activities to develop to the highest level and further expansion capacities up to 600,000 square meters annually are currently being discussed. MCT Italy will shortly deliver a brand new plant to Ho Chi Minh City to ensure a continuation of the 2017 success story in the Vietnamese market.” MCT Italy proudly helped Minh Duc to diversify its range of products. The company’s turn-key system supply strategy has given Minh Duc the possibility of offering their customers several solutions with their high quality products to address the growing demand in the Vietnamese construction market.

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