Most headache-free way to design a precast plant

Thinking about starting a precast concrete business or retrofit an existing one? The MCT Group is here to help. We can review what you will need to get started so you can make the best decisions and take advantage of the latest and greatest technology.

The MCT Group is one of the very few companies in the world with a complete in-house team that have the skills to:
process, design, engineer, build  and achieve the entire process of concrete production. Our Specialty: stationary batch plants, mobile batch plants, concrete transport, delivery systems, high speed flying buckets, special casting machines, water recycling  and customized automation systems.

Purchasing machines does not necessarily lead to success so contact MCT Group, an international consultant, for any concrete equipment needs and let us work with you. We develop customized solutions for the most experienced precast producers to new startups developments anywhere in the world.

For the best headache-free way to design and start your precast plant or to simply obtain information in the field of industrialized construction with precast concrete elements call MCT for a free consultation.

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July 23, 2019

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