MCT Italy: Participant at the Global Economic Forum ESG89

2021 came to a close with the usual appointment of the Global Economic Forum promoted by ESG89, an Umbrian company that is a point of reference for Corporate Communication in Italy. The purpose of the Forum, as always, is for reflection and proactive discussions on issues related to corporate life.

MCT Italy actively attended last December’s reunion, once again participating in the debate with a video. Andrea’s speech touched on two topics that are very close to our hearts.

He addressed training in general and more specifically at all levels.

In our operation we have experienced first-hand the difference that properly trained technical personnel can make, from the workshop department to specialized technicians and engineers. We are so convinced of this that we are committed as supporters of the Foundation, with ITS Academy, a highly specialized post-diploma technical school, of which Andrea Marcantonini is a technical committee member.

Management training is paramount. A high-level manager can supersede the growth of those small and medium-sized businesses that excel in their field, but need someone with a broader vision to take them to the next level. Skilled Top level Managers will impact a significant boost for these companies.

How do you prepare a manager to lead a business?

There are two ways: it can be learned from within a company with appropriate courses and training , or the knowledge can be gained from other outside influences which also can provide a wealth of skills and knowledge.

This brings us to the second topic touched upon by Andrea in his speech: how do you attract a high-level manager? The recipe is as simple as it is ambitious: we need to improve the quality of life in our region to attract those coming from outside.

Umbria is a magical place, full of natural and architectural beauty attained through investments linked to nature, tourism and outdoor sports .

It is possible to create work, wealth, activities and attract interest through the combination of the undeniable quality of life experienced within our villages. This can represent an additional attraction for those to come from outside the area and consider a job offer from an Umbrian company.
A perfect synthesis of the motto “Think global, act local”.

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March 9, 2022

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