Lamberto Marcantonini: the importance of commitment in any business

When Lamberto Marcantonini founded our company in 1967, he had the vision to look to forward and anticipate the future needs.  With his eclecticism, strong vocation for science, coupled together with his tenacity and determination he created the solid foundation to build and realize MCT Italy. This accomplishment enabled Marcantonini to become an innovative company creating and customizing successful solutions for their valued Concrete customers.

Lamberto’s pragmatic forward thinking and strong work ethics also enabled him to excel in another sector,  where he has dedicated himself with great passion since the early 1970s: Politics.

His civic ambition to provide a harmonious community and to create value for his fellow citizens, has led him to be elected mayor of the city of Bettona, several times,  the last in 2016.

Lamberto is responsible for several small important achievements for our town, among which we like to cite some examples that were designed for the future of the country: 

Young People:

In 1974, thanks to his involvement, the Town Hall bought the premises which had been the City School gym, used for many years as a warehouse; keeping a promise he made as a young Lamberto, a time when he was forced to do gymnastics outdoors with his companions, breathing the polluted sulfur air.

In 2010, when he was an entrepreneur, Lamberto donated a sundial to the very same school. It was built entirely in our factory. An ancient tool, with a strong symbolism, which reminds us of how strongly we are linked to the earth and the cycles of nature. A legacy and a warning for the boys, so that they always know where they come from, wherever they go. Environment, safety, culture, energy savings and important preservation of infrastructures for our people; these are the battles in which he has engaged during his years as an administrator of public affairs; a real passion that after 50 years, shows no sign of diminishing.

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August 6, 2020

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