ITS Umbria Academy at Market Fair in Rome

Another event we are very proud of at MCT is ITS UMBRIA ACADEMY.

Our highly specialized technical school, which Andrea Marcantonini is a prominent member of its technical committee, has been selected to represent the 4.0 course promoted by the ministry of Education and the University of Venice, at the Market fair in Rome 2020.

This event was started in San Francisco, this Market Fair is the meeting place where all the technology passionate creators in the world, inventors, thinkers, educators ,artists and students can show their: work, accomplishments and projects and share what they have created and learned.

The European edition of Rome, saw ITS Umbria Academy participate with introducing a ” Digital and smart Air tender Mobile app for Air Tender: the application developed by the students is to rethink , through a mobile phone, no longer manually, the most suitable configuration for the motorcycle suspension.

An ambitious project that stems from the desire to implement new functional technologies in the suspension model produced by Umbria Kinetics, an innovative start up in the sector of advanced mechanical construction . Not a simple exercise, therefore: this first step has led to the creation of the prototype, which will be followed by the industrialization phase.

We are proud to be part of this wonderful reality, which works in constant connection with local enterprises, offering students who participate in the courses the opportunity to develop appropriate skills for the contemporary work world and a high level of preparation for the digital sector.

Andrea is also a member of the ITS foundation, as well as some of our technicians. They form an important part of the group of professionals responsible for teaching the course curriculum programs. We are all very proud to be a part of this wonderful recognition for ITS Umbria.

This is yet another confirmation of the growing importance of these institutes, specializing in highly skilled training, which in fact leads to 80% of young people being able to secure employment within the year following their graduation.

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January 25, 2021

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