Industry technology 4.0

For some time now,  we have often heard about Industry technology  4.0, especially in relation to issues such as economic transformation and the digitization of enterprises.

But what exactly does it mean in relation to concrete terms? It is a process that comes from the sum of the advances made in artificial intelligence. It is the conglomeration of things such as genetic engineering, robotics and quantum computers; in short, a new industrial revolution that encompasses automated production.

An epochal change, which leads us to rethink and completely modify our idea of productivity, following the four main guidelines that have been outlined over the years: the collection of Large data, the analysis of the same from which you create value, the development of human/machine interaction and finally the transition from digital to actual.

In Italy, this transformation has been welcomed by governments, so much so that for a long time ad hoc plans have been launched to accompany the companies of our territory towards this transformation.

At MCT Italy we are proud to say that the automation of systems is a central point of strength in our plants and a flagship, because it is developed entirely within our laboratories.

Therefore in addition to offering innovative solutions for concrete production, we also offer our customers customized solutions for the digitization of their company. In fact our Batching Plants comply with the provisions of Annex A of the current legislation, which defines the requirements of the criteria needed to advance to the technological and digital transformation of the company.

For those who want to buy one of our plants or simply want to upgrade their technology they can profit from the benefits of the Transition to the 4.0 plan and they may even be entitled to recover the costs as a tax credit, up to 50% in three years.

Further details and requirements for access to the facilities are available on the following page

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June 28, 2021

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