IndustriARSi: the art of preserving beauty

Patronage in Italy has always played a fundamental role in art development. If not for the patrons of the 16th century, today we would not have  the magnificent collection of artwork, architectural and sculptural work that render our country so uniquely appreciated by the world.

Dedicated patronage has not lost its role in oversight, but has moved from the courts to companies, which today marry and finance projects for recovery, restoration and cultural promotion.

With this same spirit, we at MCT Italy, together with 20 other associated companies of the Confindustria Umbria,  have participated in the restoration and other works, of the “Madonna della Consolazione”, a splendid oil on wood by Perugino, painted between 1496 and 1498. The work is kept today at the National Gallery of Umbria. The national flagship for the collection of work dates back to the thirteenth and to the nineteenth century.

The synergy between the museum and the Perugia Territorial Section of Confindustria Umbria for Art is not new; another 20  pieces of work have been restored, or are currently being worked on and will be returned for visitors to admire in all their glory.

Confindustria’s invitation to MCT to take part in this initiative was welcomed and MCT is proud to support and enhance the treasures of the region’s history. Dostoevsky said: “Beauty will save the world”; with this same vision our company is proud to have contributed to restoring the original beauty of these wonderful treasures to its land.

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August 6, 2020

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