Happiness is authentic only if shared – Immanuel Kant

The end of each year represents a moment of balance, and evaluation for everyone.

It is a time to stop, reflect and think about what has been accomplished and built over time, and it is also the perfect occasion to thank those who accompanied us along the way.

At MCT we know that nobody can do great things alone, which is why we emphasize the importance of teamwork; the exchange and interaction of all the components and the people who are part of it.

Every year, during this period, we all get together, with our colleagues and their families, to share an evening to exchange greetings and celebrate achievements.

This year, unfortunately, our usual celebratory evening with our the large extended family will not be the same; 2020 was an intense year, very complicated from many points of view and forced us to change our lifestyles and work habits.

However, as a result of this occasion,  it proved how strong the bond of our group is and we realized  it has been a source of pride for us. And  even thought this year the party cannot be celebrated all together, we want to thank everyone once again, without exception, for their perseverance and loyalty that they have dedicated to MCT.

It is thanks to this continuing spirit that, over the years, we have achieved goals that once we could only dream of. We are convinced that this same spirit and determination will allow us to achieve new ambitious goals in the future. Together as a united force we  know that we can and will go far.

To all, heartfelt best wishes.

And thanks.

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December 10, 2020

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