Glocal Economic Forum ESG 89 in Norcia: sustainability, resilience and cultural heritage

The third edition of the Glocal Economic Forum of ESG 89, scheduled in Norcia from 17 to 18 June 2022, is at the starting blocks. This edition, like the previous one, also deals with issues such as “sustainability”, “resilience” and “cultural heritage”, with an important difference compared to June 2021.

If that edition, in fact, was strongly characterized by the long tail of Covid-19 in Italy, this year it is the war in Ukraine that occupies a large part of the debate.

We have already spoken,and quite extensively, about Sustainability and Resilience, also from these web pages, over the years; Cultural Heritage has always been in our cup of tea, as we have always considered it as an important driving force for the tourist and economic revitalization of our region.

The most pressing issue nowadays is the one connected with the conflict between Russia and Ukraine and the economic and social consequences that it carries with it.

It is impossible, in fact, not to think about the vulnerability of our Country in terms of energy independence at the moment. The choices made by our Governments in recent years have been strongly characterized by a policy oriented towards renewable energies; a choice that will certainly pay off in the long term, but which now forces us to face an energy crisis like we have never experienced before.

The Forum and its guests, including Andrea Marcantonini, will debate on these issues, trying to trace, if not immediate solutions, some guidelines to follow that can lead us through this epochal challenge of decarbonization of our economy by 2050.

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June 17, 2022

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