Glocal Economic Forum 2021

On 24th March the Global Economic Forum promoted by ESG89, a Umbrian company, took place online.  The Forum, which already has several editions, invited reflection and productive discussions on issues related to Credit, Finance and Development. The Forum was broadcasted continuously on social networks and on the ESG89 website on March 24 and discussions focused primarily on the difficulties of access to credit for SMEs. This situation has inflicted hardship on entrepreneurs due to the recent banking changes, which has continued to worsen since the arrival of the Covid panic which debuted in 2020.

Topics discussed during the discussion included:

  • The banking system – What happened during the pandemic?
  • The new definition of  Bank Default and the importance of monitoring central risks;
  • Potential scenarios for 2021 for startups and investors
  • Fintech as a new player in the credit market;
  • Capital Market and Investment 
  • The outlook for future years for Italy and its regions – How to attract investment and capital from abroad;
  • Made in Italy and its patrimonialization.

Given the complexity of the themes and the desire to address them as comprehensively as possible, many interventions were planned. These include Luca Tomassoni, CEO of Vetrya, a leading company in digital communication; Roberto Bonanzinga, Co-founder of Inreach Ventures, a British software-based investment company dedicated to start-ups; Mauro Lusetti, President of Legacoop; Dino Scanavino, national president of the CIA.

The work of the Forum commenced with our Andrea Marcantonini, who during his first speech focused attention on how SMEs can face the financial crisis due to the current period and on the new Code of the crisis that will come into force in September.

Andrea is an “old” acquaintance of the Glocal Forum of ESG89. He has hosted web pages through which he has demonstrated how at MCT ITALY we proactively reacted to overcome the challenges of the market, relying on export, product customization and attention to detail.
MCT Italy is very proud to have participated, through our CEO, Andrea, and confronted this very important dilema of national importance. We believe that it is fundamental to analyze any possible strategies to deal with this particular situation and we are convinced that doing so through the exchange of ideas and resources is the best and only possible way.

Andrea Marcantonini, with her speech, opens the work of the Forum.
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April 15, 2021

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