Emotional Intelligence

Technological research, automation and software development, together with continuous specialized personnel training, are two “medals” that we at MCT Italy have earned with pride for some time.

We recognized early on that not only was it necessary to focus on the technical aspects but to take training to another level. 

For this reason, we have been promoting “Emotional Intelligence” for some time.

Emotional Intelligence is the ability of each individual to recognize and manage their own emotions as well  as those of their teammates around them in order to achieve a common goal.  This enables team members to cope with possible situations of stress, as well as the ability to recognize and manage the difficulties of those nearby so together they can achieve a shared result.

The idea of applying this simple principle at MCT seemed particularly suitable, especially in view of the past year. For this reason, we proposed the participation in a digital event, led by experts in the field, that would provide detailed information on how to create an organization “emotionally intelligent”.

We discussed the business climate, motivations and emotions that, instead of being an obstacle to be eliminated, turned out to be the real key to business success when properly used. 

Empathy and the ability to question oneself may be innate characteristics in some, however for others when they are trained and further developed this helps to implement radical positive management changes.

Motivation and well-being of our employees, especially during this particular time when the serenity of the community has been undermined by the uncertainty resulting from the global pandemic, are two fundamental aspects on which we focus to further our expertise and the quality of our work. This achievement has earned MCT Italy a dominating position throughout the world as a leader in the creation of concrete batching plants. 

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June 3, 2021

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