This is a short note with regards to a reference on Marcantonini Batching Plants that we have purchased over the past years.
Al Rashid Abetong is one of the largest Hollow Core and Precast producing company in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia with a base in Riyadh.
Four years back with have purchased two Mobile Batching Plants from Marcantonini that we have used for our remote site precast project based in Jizan south of Jeddah.

The two Marcantonini Batching Plants which are containerised come with two Twin Shaft Mixers, 2 CBM output. The advantage we found when erecting these Batching Plants where that no foundations where required and they can easily be removed and also dismantled.
Marcantonini being a family owned company, we can confirm that we have found the fast response and also flexibly when it came to after sales and also spare parts. For this reason communication was always on going.

We confirm that we also like the software on the Batching Plants. Marcantonini are producers of their own software and for this reason they can adapt the software to the requirements needed. Should you require any further information on our Batching plants purchased feel free to contact the undersigned.

Yours sincerely,
Mith pemban Mikko Henriksson
Production manager

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Mikko HenrikssonProduction manager, AL RASHID ABETONG

This is a brief reference with regards to the equipment that we at RDB El Seif Precast company are using in Al Kharj in Saudi Arabia.

We have purchased a full line of Batching Plant and also concrete casting and distribution system from Marcantonini.

The reason we chose Marcantonini are various, some main reasons being that:

  1. They produce the software and also the concrete distribution in house. This is an area that we looked into when purchasing the eqt.
  2. We get the support continuously for the upgrade, maintenance etc.

We found working with Marcantonini quite straight forward and the relationship is ongoing.

Yours Sincerely
Luigi Scarpino
Factories Operation Director

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Luigi ScarpinoFactories Operation Director, RDB. ELSEIF COMPANY LTD

Dear Sir,
this is to confirm that Techno Cast Precast based in Mussafah Industrial City in Abu Dhabi (ICAD 1) has purchased and commissioned a full Tower Batching Plant from M/s Marcantonini Italy with Two Mixers.
Therefore, in evaluating the purchase of the Batching Plant we have chosen the above mentioned brand for the main reasons as follows:

They are produced their own software that is supplied to us and can be modified easily. The Batching Plant of which needed in our factory should be personalised
one with a number of advanced features. The concrete transportation system is produced in house and was tailor made to our requirements. Our company chose the type and brand of the mixers of which exactly what is needed.

In this regard, our satisfaction using the acquired Batching Plant in the factory meets our requirement of which M/s Marcantonini was flexible with requests we had when we did installation at our site in Abu Dhabi. On a regular basis we received technical visits from both M/s Marcantonini Technical team and also M/s Philip A Tabone International with their local representatives accordingly. Please don’t hesitate to contact us for further information you may require.

Yours Sincerely
Eng. Adel Gad
Managing Director

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Adel GadManaging Director, TECHNO CAST PRECAST