Gabriel Cretu



Dear Mr. Alessandro DiCesare

We are pleased to provide you with a letter of reference and feedback regarding the concrete production station supplied by MCT Italy. Our collaboration with this supplier has been extremely beneficial, and we are delighted to share our positive experience.

One of the notable streghts of concrete production station provided by MCT Italy is the exceptional quality of the materials used in the structure and system. We have observed outstanding resilience and durability over time, leading to excellent performance of our production facility. The reliability of these components has significantly contributed to the operational efficency of our business.

Anopther noteworthy aspect is the ease of usa of the software associated with the production station. The intuitive interface allowed our operators to quickly familiarize of human errors. This feature had led to increased efficiency and more effective management of our human resourced.

We are particularly impressed and satisfied with promptness with which the MCT Italy technical team addressed any issues encountered. Their techniciants have demostrated not only technical competence but also a proactive approch in handling any situations. The quick response to our requests ensured a continuous and trouble-free operation of out production station.

We also want to emphasize the extremely fast delivery of spare parts and their availability from MCT Italy. This has contributed to minimizing downtime and maximizing our productivity. We appreciate the efforts made by the supplier to ensure rapid access to the necessary spare parts.

It is worth montioning that, since the implementation of the MCT Italy concrete production station, the only significant issues have been caused by improper operation or negligence on the part of our operators. In conclusion, we are satisfied with our collaboration with MCT Italy and confidently recommend their services and products. The exceptional quality of materials, ease of software use, proactive approach of the technical team, and promptness in providing spare parts demostrate their commitment to costumer satisfaction and excellence in the industry.


Gabriel Cretu
Plant Manager
Willy Naessens, Romania

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