Confindustria Mechanical Engineering has a new Board of Directors; Andrea Marcantonini is appointed Vice-President

The Mechanical Engineering sector of Confindustria has reappointed its board of directors. Joining the newly elected president, Paolo Garofoli, is our very own Andrea Marcantonini, voted in at the meeting as vice-president for the two-year 2022/2024 term. This election, besides being a source of pride for us, is yet another demonstration of Andrea’s ongoing commitment to voice the needs of the industry.

The outgoing president, Gianluigi Angelantoni, highlighted the efforts that had been made in previous years to establish a network of contacts between companies and aspects regarding digital transition, environmental sustainability and training. The speech by the newly elected Paolo Garofoli was in the spirit of continuity – sustainability and training are to be the watchwords for the next two years. A sustainability, however, that is all-encompassing, that includes not only environmental sustainability but also organisational, social and economic sustainability, “to provide continuity to our companies, and broaden their vision”.

As far as training is concerned, another hot topic which is a cornerstone in our company, President Garofoli stated that he wanted to consolidate relations with the University and with ITS Umbria, the school of advanced education that includes many of our technicians as tutors and Andrea as a member of the technical committee. The objective is to eliminate the gap that currently exists between supply and demand of labour, guiding young people to the most sought-after professional positions in the labour market, which is currently evolving very rapidly in the mechanical engineering sector.

All members of the board were then elected from among the representatives of the companies in the sector. Our best wishes go out to them – to President Garofoli and Andrea Marcantonini – for the coming two-year term, confident that they will succeed in putting our sector in the spotlight in this particularly historic and economically challenging time.

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October 26, 2022

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