The quality policy

The Company considers Quality an important cornerstone of it’s business strategy.


The Company’s Management focuses it’s attention on the prevention of any potential  non-compliance, so it can optimize the management of it’s processes in terms of efficiency and effectiveness while ensuring constant supervision of all activities connected with the quality of the product and service.

 To this end, the implementation of a Quality Management System in accordance with the UNI EN ISO 9001 standard will allow, through a systemic approach, to constantly pursue continuous improvement.

The Company Management considers the pursuit of “customer satisfaction” as a priority above all else and directs continuous constant attention  to this end  in order to guarantee it. In harmony with this focus the Management is committed to achieving continuous organizational and methodological growth.

As a result the company plans to implement continuous activities and training to update it’s personnel at all levels and in particular to those engaged in or related to the processes that influence the quality of the product. Personnel are therefore required to comply with the requirements of the Quality Management Manual and related documentation (procedures, instructions and specifications)as it applies to their functions and competence thereof. 


The Quality Policy commitments of the Management are translated annually into a plan with measurable objectives for its achievement and it guarantees to provide all the necessary resources and support.

The plan of objectives is approved by the Company Management and noticed to the staff by way of posting it in a place accessible to everyone  or through periodic meetings.

The quality policy defined by the Management is consistent with the other company policies and establishes the objectives detailed in the relative modules.

According to the following macro-objectives:

  • Customer satisfaction;
  • Increase in market shares;
  • Increase in the effectiveness of the delivery service and process;
  • Improve the procurement process.

On a regular basis, audits on the Quality Management System are carried out by the Quality Management System Manager in order to verify regular operation and to  identify any needs  for further adaptation.

The Company Management ensures:

  • the monitoring and verification of the Quality Policy objectives;
  • the review of the Quality Policy (annually);
  • verification of the adequacy of the Quality Management System and recommendations for any corrections and / or improvements to be made to the structure of the Quality Management System (at least annually);
  • verification of customer requirements (through questionnaires / interviews to verify customer satisfaction, self-assessment based on defined parameters).

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