Andrea Marcantonini: sport as a school of life

Those who practice physical activity, at any level, know that for the true sportsman there are three essential elements: commitment, discipline and willpower.

Even Andrea Marcantonini, a sports advocate, for years: started as a footballer, then a football coach. Andrea has always combined his work with sports in various disciplines, a passion that has now transformed into a commitment to the community.

Today, in fact, not only is he involved in the selection of the Umbrian Representative of Amateurs, Students and Juniors, but he is also the promoter of a series of initiatives related to the sports world within our municipality.

With MCT, Andrea sponsors a football team of very young people from Passaggio di Bettona, a stone’s throw from the company’s headquarters, to promote the same values that have helped him mature as a man and as a sportsman.

In addition, he is the organizer of two important sporting events in the municipality of Bettona: the “Bettona Etruscan MTB” and the “Bettona Crossing“, respectively dedicated to mountain biking and running.

These two initiatives go far beyond the simple sports competition; they are a way to discover, or rediscover, the beauty of a territory, its landscapes, its history, the magnificent features of the land in total relaxation for anyone who wants to get lost in the tranquility of our country.

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August 6, 2020

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