A weekend dedicated to extreme sport in Bettona

Over the weekend of 25 and 26 September the city of Bettona and the neighboring communities were populated by sports enthusiasts, who came from all over Italy to participate in two races organized by Bettona Outdoor: the Bettona Crossing and the Etruscan Extreme.

These are two competitions dedicated respectively to running and mountain biking in the pro version, for true sportsmen.

Trail and ultratrail races of 20 and 50 kilometers for running and routes of 25, 50 and 75 kilometers for mountain biking. This year with the introduction of an even more extreme edition we had a longer course with 3000 meters of elevation. These Adrenaline-fueled courses with extremely selective and technical race tracks attract the most elite athletes every year.

To establish themselves in the Crossing were Donatello Rota for men and Giovanna Puma for women. In MTB, the Etruscan Extreme was dominated by Lorenzo Pierpaoli of the Cingolani Team in the men’s section and by Carmen Sabatini of the Specialized Terni ADS Team for the women’s section.

Now in our fourth edition, this event is becoming a highly anticipated event for sportsmen. The two competitions are the culmination of a much broader project, which aims to enhance the territory and tourism through outdoor sports.

As strong supporters of this fortunate combination, MCT Italy was happy to participate again this year as a sponsor of the initiative, which once again proved to be stronger than everything. Even during this particular time where we are still experiencing the effects linked to the health emergency, the organizers (and among them our Andrea) were able to structure two events so complex in such a dimension as to allow a wide but regulated participation. It was perfect because all participants could fully enjoy the experience.

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December 13, 2021

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