The MAO Twin Shaft Mixers by Marcantonini are compact, versatile, economical.


MAO Twin Shaft Mixers have many winning features: their structure is particularly compact, designed specifically to manage large amounts of concrete, but also lightweight concretes (with expanded clay or polystyrene), bitumes (warm or cold); for the treatment of waste and chemical products; for the production of superior quality mixes, all while maintaining the costs low.

Simple and “clean”

In the MAO Twin Shaft Mixers the fixing of the mixing arms has a rounded shape: this feature allows a better prevention of deposits: the mixer stays cleaner and it is cleaned more easily.

The inside of the mixer tank is coated with wear-resistant tiles: they are fixed with screws and this makes it easier their handling and faster the replacement.

Additives and “turbulence”

Another extremely important feature of the MAO Twin Shaft Mixers is their adaptability and versatility. In fact they are modifiable to answer the need of impermeability to dust or insensitivity to pressure.

They can be modified to allow the addition, while the mixing process is running, of liquids, powders or fibers; they can also be provided with equipment both for heating or refrigeration of the materials.

The concomitance of the opposite directions of rotation in the overlapping area and the vertical rotation generate a horizontal spiral movement which leads to a significant turbulence and a better mix of the aggregates, in a shorter time.

Twin Shaft Mixers: specifications

  • High speed mixing;
  • High speed unloading;
  • Higher quality of the mix due to the perfect homogenization of the materials;
  • Maximum dispersion of the components in the mix;
  • Cost reduction;
  • High versatility: suitable for all kind of concrete, plaster, mortar, stabilized plaster;
  • Resistance: reduced wear due to reverse rotation of the blades (with reduction of the wear of the tank) and low rotation speed of the mixing blades.