MCT Italy Srl: “turnkey” batching plants and concrete transport

We are a worldwide leading company in the field of batching plants and concrete transport.

Our distinctive feature compared to other companies in the field of batching plants and concrete transport is the management of the whole process of design and development of a plant.

This aspect involves a number of designing, operational, logistical and, of course, economic advantages. Reducing the amount of involved personas, the process becomes more agile and less expensive.

For all stages of production and transport of concrete


We cover all the stages of the cycle of concrete production.

Moving: batching, transport, distribution

We manage the design and construction of batching plants.

All over the world, according to customer’s request: we design, develop and build any type of batching plant (tower batching plants: extraction, dosage and input into the mixer by gravity; horizontal batching plants: the BETONMAC modular series, providing flexibility, and an easier storage management; mobile concrete batching plants [LINKA FUORI?]); any type of mixer (twin shaft mixers, vertical shaft planetary mixers, continuous mixers).

We design, develop and build concrete transport and delivery systems (mono-rail flying buckets for the needs of integration with distribution; fully automated bi-rail flying buckets; high-flexibility concrete casting buckets; Betonmix buckets for the delivery of different colours).

Maintenance: hygrometry, densitometry, cleaning

We design, develop and build moisture control and management systems (providing hoppers with detection probes and an easy Windows software); concrete density systems (an exclusive MCT Italy Srl system adaptable to various mixers).

Furthermore, We design, develop and build systems of plant cleaning and water recovery (along with densitometric analysis and Compunet management software).

Management: remote control

We provide not only the skeleton and muscles of the plant, but the “brain” too: the management system software.

Our Compunet software manages the whole cycle of concrete batching plants and distribution systems of the concrete: additives dosage, moisture control, mixers management, wireless or via radio.

One plant, one solution, one supplier

We are the ideal solution in the concrete industry, bringing the “turnkey” philosophy to the complex field of concrete production!