Mobile Plant Type MCR

  • Only 9 month
  • Less than 5.000 m3 of concrete production

The MCR 3.15.45 on the road is an automated concrete batching plant for producing high quality mixed concrete.
The main structure of this system is the trailer, which acts as the transport system of the plant itself making it easy to move and assemble.

Transportation, installation and commissioning can all be easily carried out by customer’s crews without the need for foundations, plumbing or electrical connections.

The plant goes together using pinned connections with almost no need for bolts and nuts that we call our “minimal nuts and bolts design”.
The electrical and hydraulic connections are carried out and tested in the factory with the aim of guaranteeing maximum reliability of the whole system, the customer’s assembly crew are therefore required only to connect few industrial electrical plugs and hydraulic connectors in order to get the concrete mixing plant working.
The “Compumat Light” plant automation, very user friendly and easy to be commissioned, manages the plant operations in the most versatile way and ensure the best batching and mixing performances, producing up to 40 m3/h of the highest quality concrete.

TYPE OF MIXER1.0 MAV/1 m1500 MP/1.3 yd3
hourly concrete production40 m3/h52,32 yd3/h
Number of aggregates4 clamshell gates4 clamshell gates
Aggregate storage40 m352,32 yd3
Aggregate weighing system3 load cells3 load cells
Management systemCompumat / Concremat
unloadload height4 m13' 12''
Composition1 Trailer
Weight20 t44.000 lb
Compressor100 litres26,41 gallon
Total installed horse power75 Kw100 Hp

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