Production - Compumat batch control system

Compumat is a computerize Marcantonini's system that allow the technological supervision and management of concrete batching plants and concrete Delivery System. The Automatic control has checked by modular units born from years of practice of our electronical engineers and Today It allows to integrate their knoledges with the most updates technologies as PLC and Wi-Fi.
Compumat Compumat, that is installed on a common personal computer with Windows process System and allows to obtain:
  • semplicity of Use
  • overall reliability
  • reduction of machines death time
  • flexibility to extensions

This is system has been developed and testes for:
  • weighing dosing systems;
  • volumetric dosing systems;
  • chemical admixtures systems;
  • temperature and steam control;
  • moisture with live water correction;
  • concrete plasticity control;
  • data remote trasmissions;
  • tracking systems for truck mixers.

It's a remote connection ( Via Internet or Via Modem ) where Our Technical Dept. Can operate and supply any type of remote assistance 7 Days 24 Hours helping the Batch Man to solve any issue for the correct functions of the batching plant and the delivery system, giving live instruction.
It's also possible, with the same system, to update the management software with new versions.

The operator monitorizes and manage the operations and modify the filed datas and also act simply watching the video control system applied.
It's a package of software programs and already tested that allows:
  • datas and formulas reports;
  • daily production and management of software;
  • casting consumption managements;
  • stock management;
  • concrete process optimization;
  • automatic testing and diagnosis;
  • data storage of the plant;
  • realization of database managed from our software and developed from us.

The Use of Hard Disk as storage archive insuring the report system:
  • prints of batched and concrete cycles;
  • print of every machine process;
  • issues of accountiing documents;
  • DDT issues towards Yards;
  • connection with extimation centre ;
  • periodic statistic parameters.

It's also possible to elaborate and print daily reports of productions: formula documentations, cunsumptions extimations.

With Compumat the Entire Cycle of concrete production is automated.
The are multi-function to call the concrete process:
  • via radio, allowing to the operator to make the call of formula deciding also the destination; this way allows the distribution system to minimize the timing of production cycles.
  • By and indicator inserted in the hopper that can make automacally the call pf the process.
  • With a session with external machines (PC, PLC, WI-FI or GSM REMOTE CONTROL).

In the case that there are more concrete calls it is possible to assign for every location a different priority so that it is optimized.
Then, while the mixer is working on a batch, the system optimizes the production cycle pre-loading the scales for the next batch with the requested material from the new formula.
Finally, during the entire procedure processing, the operator that makes the supervision is supported by Compuat System in the analysis of possible anomalies signaling with alarms the parameters that for some reason are eventaully going out of the pre-setted accuracy. All alarms are registered and the registration can be used to erase future issues.
Examples of applications