With a proud look back at our past successful years, we face our future full of enthusiasm with new plans and goals. To celebrate the fiftieth anniversary of our industrial activity we at the Marcantonini company are preparing a book to commememorate the engagement of the many personalities that made it possible for this Umbrian Company to become recognized and known throughout the international market.
Today as a leader in the development and construction of plants for concrete production and distribution, 'Marcantonini' is taking this occasion to browse the pages that relive this exciting entrepreneurial adventure that was started by a youngster who was born poor but through perseverance was able to develop his passion for Science and Technology.

Lamberto Marcantonini started from nothing but with a strong focus and determination for the future and with the powerful support of his collaborators and most recently with his son, Andrea Marcantonini, all of whom contributed with a compelling spirit to the success of the Company that slowly gained the interest of the entire world. An important key figure from the very beginning until today is Mrs. Laura Catarinelli, the founder's wife and manager of the Accounting Department.
The book that is about to be published will include the memories and reflections of dozens of people who, directly or indirectly, gave their contributions to the sucess to the Marcantonini company and its evolving activities.
Half a century of Research, Experimentation, Development of New Technology, Meetings, Successes and then some inevitable bitterness. Followed by the anecdotes: many; some particularly tasty. There are many stories within this great Story that allow you to relive the emotions of the path that led Mr. Lamberto and his team to the peaks of intercontinental discovery.